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Five Montessori Videos I am Loving Today.

Here are five Montessori videos I am loving today. Lots of variety here from toddlers to adolescence. I hope you find something useful! 


1. Montessori School Education by Sprouts. This is a really clean, quick draw type video about Montessori, which is a great way of sharing and explaining Montessori to others. They also have a Waldorf video in the same series. Thank you to Fai for sharing this with me!



2. 22 Month Olds Make a Smoothie and Set the Table by Stephanie Woo. Stephanie has a few videos with her twin daughters thoroughly enjoying some food preparation. I love how Stephanie stays calm and precise in situations which could easily get out of control, her words and movements are spot on. 



3. Montessori in our home - Part 1 by Willowtreephoto. This is a really old video (it's from 2008) however I remember watching this when Caspar was really little, it was the first Montessori video I ever watched and I remember going over every detail, I loved it so much and as a new mother it was SO useful. It is so raw and has many practical ideas - you will not be disappointed.   


4. Drinking from a cup and peeling a banana by Pilar Bewley. Pilar has a couple of videos that are worth watching if you are wearing or preparing for weaning the Montessori way. I love that these videos are at home and are really informal/relatable. The child in this video is 14 months old. 



5. 5 Ways the Montessori method helps our teenagers by Melbourne Montessori Official. A glimpse inside the Melbourne Montessori School Adolescent Program. 1. Building an identity, 2. Why would school be boring? 3. Learning to love learning, 4. How do we prepare our students for a world we don't know? and 5. It all starts with Community. So much to love about this program, school starts at 10am! "The Montessori method recognises that school is just the start of a wider, on-going education and that students should be prepared for real life, not just assessment, so experiencing real life is part of every day."

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