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Kids camera review - waterproof and shockproof

Kids camera review at How we Montessori Nikon S33

Getting Otis his first digital camera was a big deal. He loves taking photographs and we wanted for him to have his own camera. Otis is five so we needed something super simple to use, that takes nice photographs. Like many Montessori families we wanted a 'real' camera not a 'kiddie' camera. We also wanted a camera with potential, that he could grow into and learn use the features. We also needed a camera that is super robust, waterproof and shockproof!

I had a good look at cameras in the child friendly range. I read reviews and tried a few in store. I was naturally drawn to Nikon. My last two cameras have been Nikon and I just love them (I use this camera with this lens).

I decided to go with the Nikon S33. It's a really good camera for this price point and it is perfect for families and kids! Some of the features I like include:

  • Easy to use. Love it's simplicity. Good point and shoot (it has a target finding autofocus). Simple 3x optical zoom. Easy playback. The menu is so simple it can be used by kids with four easy to press buttons down the side. Everything is really clear, no need use the manual, just recharge and it's ready to go.
  • Robust, compact with solid case. Waterproof (to 10m although we only went a foot or so deep), shockproof (drop of 1.5 meters), easy to rinse clean. Definitely ok with dirt and sand. It is light and fits easily in a child's hand. 
  • Video is an extra bonus. The video is really clear in full HD. This is also really easy for kids to use. The button (on and off) for the video has video icon next to it - could not be more simple.  

Otis taking photographs of kite surfer at HWM

Before I published a review we needed to really push the limits and put the camera to the test. It does all it says it is going to do! Waterproof and shockproof, good with salt, water and sand. There is no way I would allow Otis to use any other camera with those sandy hands. 

Otis taking photographs at the beach, kids camera review at How we Montessori

Kids are rough but this camera can take it!  

Kids camera reveiw at How we Montessori Nikon

You can see he is having fun with this (and learning at the same time). 

Kids camera review at How we Montessori Nikon Otis at beach

Otis is taking pictures of his Pa. So sweet that he wants to take photographs of the people he loves. 

Otis taking photographs at beach. Kids camera reveiw Nikon at How we Montessori

He loves flipping through the photos and watching videos he has taken. 

Otis going through his images on Camera at How we Montessori

Below are three photographs that Otis took with this camera. Keep in mind Otis is five, he is still learning about keeping his fingers out of the lens and composition and trying to stand still while taking the photographs, so we have a lot of photographs like this... 

Otis taking photographs of the ocean at How we Montessori

There are also photographs like this... 

Otis' photo of kit surfer

The quality is good, obviously not as good as with my DSLR but still good for this price and for being so lightweight and child friendly! The colours are accurate and the images are clear! Memories have been made and preserved!

Otis' picture of Caspar on camera nikon

The Nikon S33 is a great way to introduce children to photography. Otis is five and can use it (turn it on and off, and take photographs and zoom) independently. A younger child at three to four years could use it with some help. I do most of the downloading and recharging. This is probably something he could master in a year or so. It's also a really good camera to take on holidays or to the beach and know it's completely ok with the kids and water. 

If you want to know more, the Nikon site with specifications is here. In Australia I looked at this camera at Officeworks but to get the colour Otis wanted we bought from Harvey Norman (white camera strap and memory card were extra). 

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