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Loving IKEA children's tables - FLISAT Children's desk and table

Otis using the IKEA FLISAT Children's Table at How we Montessori

Child-size furniture is really important in the Montessori environment and I know IKEA is accessible to many. So today I am sharing two IKEA children's tables we are currently using at home. Above Otis is using the FLISAT Children's Table. For toddlers, I would still recommend the smaller LÄTT (height is 45cms) but for around three to six years I think this table is a good fit. The table top has two removable white panels which reveal the storage area underneath. The table fits two TROFAST storage boxes that you need to buy separately. This is a really clever feature. Otis stores a whole range of toys, blocks, and pencils in this area. At the moment one tub has his Magformers. The table is 48cm high and the table top is 83 x 58cms. The corners of the table are nice and rounded. The storage tubs could also be used to make this a water table or perhaps a sand or sensory table. Possibly even a DIY light table?

Otis using the IKEA FLISAT Children's table

With both tables in the FLISAT range I love the design, they are simple tables with a few extra features that make them stand out. I also love the light coloured timber, it works back really well with the white and keeps our home areas feeling warm but clean and fresh.  

IKEA FLISAT Children's desk

Caspar (8 years) has a table in his bedroom, however, I also wanted a table for him in this space. So we also have the FLISAT Children's Desk. I've  said it here before, this looks like a little architects table and I love it. The desk can be adjusted to three different heights, has a removable paper roll holder at the top (which fits the MÅLA paper, but perhaps also ribbon or tape) and the desktop can be tilted on an incline (as pictured) or used flat. 

Above Otis is sitting at the table at the lowest setting (53cm high). We also have an adjustable chair so it's easy for both children to use. You change the height of the table by adjusting the legs using the orange tabs on the side. With the three height settings this table will last for years! There is also space underneath to hold two TROFAST storage boxes

Caspar using the IKEA FLISAT Children's adjustable desk

Most of the time our FLISAT Children's desk is on the middle setting (at 62cm high) as pictured with Caspar (above and below). It's good to know the table can still go up another notch (to 72cm high). When tilted I think this table works well for drawing or as an art table but there are endless ways this could be used. I hope these pictures are clear and give you a good idea how the tables work and their form and function!   

Caspar and Otis reading at IKEA FLISAT Children's desk adjustable

I'd love to hear if you have either of these tables and if they work for you! 

You can find the FLISAT Series at IKEA here in the US and here in the UK

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