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Love Montessori Colour Tablets! (Box Three with Extensions)

Colour Box 3

The Colour Tablets are sensorial materials found in the Montessori 3-6 classroom. They assist with visual discrimination and perception of colours. They come in three boxes, Box One, Box Two and Box Three. The child moves progressively through the boxes starting with Box One. Box Three (as pictured) contains 63 colour tablets in seven graded shades of nine colours. I needed a bit of colour in my life today and these images are too beautiful not to share. Here are a few examples of the Colour Tablets, Box Three being used and a few extension ideas! 

Above Colour Box Three at Children's Gallery Montessori School

Colour tablets

Colour Tablets - Box 3 (Sensorial Extension) at The Montessori Way.

Montessori Colour Tablet Box #3

Montessori Colour Box Three at MattBronsil flickr

Montessori Colour Box 3 order

Montessori Colour Box Three at MattBronsil flickr.

Colour box three extension ideas - star

Colour box three extension ideas from Pinterest (this board has a couple of other ideas). 

Teaching shading at The Moveable Alphabet with metal insets and colour tablets

Teaching shading using Metal Inset and Colour Tablets at The Moveable Alphabet

Collaborative colour tablets Zimbabwe

Working collaboratively with colour graduation tablets at The Troutbeck School

If you are interested in the Colour Tablets, Box Three, there is a nice DIY here at Planting Peas, a free printable version at Montessori Album, Montessorium has a colour app and they are available at most Montessori material suppliers (in Australia here). 

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