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Montessori Inspiration - for Small Spaces!!!

Three Minute Montessori - Bathroom at HWM

Living in small spaces mean something different to everyone. Jasmine from Three Minute Montessori lives in Singapore and has a few tips for creating a Montessori environment in a small apartment. She has created one entire room (the nursery) that is baby proof and has little corners throughout the home also for the children, areas where they can participate and work. She has used as much vertical space as possible including hooks in the care of self area in the nursery and for the clean up area in the dining room. Hooks are fantastic for any bathroom as pictured above. Also in her home materials are stored on wall shelving, food preparation tools are stored in the bottom drawer in the kitchen and I love the custom made nature shelf! I also really like the use of these work tables which could also be used for shelving. Jasmine notes that the snack shelves below are in the one metre space between the kitchen and bedroom. Great use of space! 

Three Minute Montessori - Drink Station at How we Montessori

Below is a 1,000 square foot (≈ 92m2) one bedroom loft style house on Lake Washington right outside of Seattle. It has an open floor plan and two rooms. This home and family are really beautiful, you can read and see more at Montessori in Motion (also on Facebook). I feel like the minimalist style and the natural timber helps the space to feel calm and light.

Montessori in Motion Ktichen at HWM

The reading area below looks really spacious but if you look through to the post you will see it is a small corner of the living room. I also love the reading choices!  The cube chair is super functional for small spaces, it could be used as a chair, table or step stool! And beautiful, low hanging art work doesn't take up much space at all. 

Montessori in Motion Living Area at HWM

I know many families don't have any outside space and visit parks or use public outdoor spaces. I like that this space has a little garden and some activities for gross motor movements, which feels super important when you have a toddler. 

Montessori in Motion Outside

I couldn't finish without mentioning this video by The Montessori Notebook about a family living in a 50m2 (≈ 538 square foot) apartment in Amsterdam. 


I hope you've enjoyed viewing these spaces as much as I did! Thank you so much to Jasmine and Bridget for sharing their homes. Please continue to email me if you have a small space or other inspiring Montessori environments (home or school) that you would like to share! 

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