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Montessori Playroom Inspiration

Imagine Our Life

Imagine Our Life (you've probably seen this room before but I wanted to include it because it looks gorgeous). 

A Tangible Childhood

A Tangible Childhood. I love the simplicity here and the combination of Montessori learning resources (Movable Alphabet, Sandpaper Letters) along with free play materials (such as blocks). I would  love to see a child work in this area. 

Montessori on the Double

Montessori on the Double. This is a leading Montessori blog, so if you haven't read it or seen some of their spaces before please click over, even more so if you have twins! Plants, books and plenty of table space!

Version 5.0 Montessori

I also really love this space although it's not purely Montessori, and it is in a bedroom. I love the little shelves with so much variety on them and a little table and chair nearby. This room is really practical and has lots of personality, and some love. Everything has a place and pack up looks easy. From Version 5.0

Betises Malice et Sorcellerie

This space appears to be for a family daycare (or similar), for multi-ages, and obviously space is limited at Betise, Malice, et Sorcefferie. What I see in this example is using existing shelving, perhaps just the bottom few shelves for materials for the children. 

Liv and Emy

And what do I need to say... this space is just so cozy. I love the overhead storage, lovely wide selection of materials, I believe the shelves are home made. Beautiful. From Eve here.  

I also recommend looking at Nicole's playroom from earlier in the year. Some of these rooms are more like homeschooling rooms and others are for a combination of work and play. There are many Montessori playrooms around so I will try and put together another post soon. I have seen a lot of Montessori playrooms, especially this week. If you are wanting advice, my number one tip is to declutter, I often need to do this myself too, less is more!  

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