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My Favourite Books - By Caspar D'Alton (8 Years Old)

What we are reading - Caspar at 8 yrs at HWM

Caspar is here today to talk a little about his favourite books! Caspar is eight years old, he mostly reads non-fiction. He is in Cycle Two at Montessori School (he would be in Grade 4). These are the books he currently keeps next to his bed and stays up late reading! 


1001 Inventions That Changed the World

It has 1001 inventions that made the world how it is. I found the electrical chair interesting because I didn't know it existed. My teacher loves the optical camouflage invention that you can see through the human body. 


Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe

It has all of the elements that the world knows of today. I am interested in the periodic table, every element is defined by it's atomic number. It has all the materials that are made by the elements. Every element has a picture. 


Evolution: The Human Story

I found out lots of information on humans in this book, it is very detailed. It has the order of the human evolution chain. I like how it has the names and age, the height and sizes of the fossils and where they were found. I like to study archaeology. 



I find this book useful for the family tree of dinosaurs and the animated look. It has all the species and the ages for example the Diplodocus is in the Jurassic period. 


The Dog Encyclopedia

This book has all of the breeds of dogs and the facts of the breeds. I like researching dogs and knowing what types of breeds dogs are and I find this book useful for that. The book also has information on how to care for each breed of dog.


Thank you Caspar! It is hard to sign off this week without mentioning the events in France. Much love to readers who have been personally touched by this tragedy. My heart breaks and it's hard to put this into words. Please have a safe and peaceful weekend. 

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