Where can I get those Montessori trays?
Great toys for the the Beach, Sand and Water, 100% recycled plastic.

A day with my five-year-old (and a few Montessori activities)

Otis as Ashgrove Fresh, Brisbane

When we don't make it to the markets we like to stop in at our local fruit and vegetable store. It is getting better but we are still in the minority of those using reusable produce bags. Otis is wearing his Soft Star Shoes. His teachers asked for him to wear lace up shoes to school so he has been wearing these less. I don't think I've shown you them before, he picked out his own colours, it's a really fun design option. 

Otis with compass work, Montessori compass activity

Otis has been drawing lots of maps and wanted to know how to use a compass. We started with the basics! Using free compass printables from Montessori Print Shop

Otis polishing geometric soilds at How we Montessori, with beeswax polish

Polishing wooden geometric solids using beeswax polish. They came out amazing, a deeper and richer colour and they feel nicer now too! This is satisfying work. 

Otis making foam structures at HWM

We use A LOT of recycled materials for art. Here we have a whole container of foam shapes from packaging. Otis used the shapes to make sculptures. He is laughing at his own jokes! Five-year-olds!

Otis with French flashcards at How we Montessori

And some French! Caspar has French lessons at school and Otis does a little Spanish. We know this is fantastic for their language development! Animals on the Farm Flashcards c/o AlphaTykes, so cute. 

Here comes Science CD and DVD at How we Montessori

And listening to some music which we adore, this is geeky but SO MUCH FUN - and so educational, I had to explain what photosynthesis is! Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants. We love 'Meet the Elements' and 'I Am A Paleontologist', I personally love "Electric Car'. 

I hope you have a fun weekend!

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