Whale Watching at Byron Bay!
What are the Montessori Metal Insets?

Creating an 'exploration' area for Otis.

Movable Alphabet Whale at How we Montessori

We've changed our nature table into a whale exploration area! When I don't want to purchase any new materials I turn to my printer. I've printed out some excellent resources to help the boys make sense of their whale watching adventure. I want them to learn from the materials, to find out the answers themselves.  

Otis collected his model whales and the globe. I collected all of our printed materials and some pictures. We put a basket of whale-themed books next to the table. 

Whale Migratory Patterns Australia at How we Montessori

A migratory map with our globe. 

Otis Parts of a Whale Cards at How we Montessori

Parts of a whale (baleen) cards. The descriptions of each part is on the back of the card. 

Whale cards photographic at HWM copy

Photographs of whale behavior. The description of each behavior is on the back of the photograph.

Whale movable alphabet #1

This was fun... working with Otis with some moveable alphabet letters. This was his first attempt! 

Movable Alphabet whale #2

Almost there.

Movable Alphabet Whale #3


Whale wall hanging at How we Montessori

I love this illustrated canvas. 

Whale researching at HWM

Sources: Parts of a Whale Cards (download) from Diamond Montessori and Whale Canvas from ARMINHO, both on Etsy. Book is Natural History.  

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