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Montessori International College - Montessori schooling for students 3-18 years!

MIC August 2016 at How we Montessori

Today I had the privilege of visiting the Montessori International College at the Sunshine Coast, Australia. The College is in a purpose built facility and caters for students from three to eighteen years. They also run a Parent-Toddler class. Yes, you read that right, they offer a full high school program! This school has so many unique features it was a delight to visit. I hope you enjoy this little tour. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Part of 3-6 playground

This is a part of the playground for 3-6 year students. There is a sand pit in this covered area. This yarn bombing looks fabulous. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Green Wall

The main building has been designed in a circular form. The 3-6 year classrooms are on the ground level and the 6-9 year classrooms, with administration offices are on the second level. I love the concept of this 'green' wall, the fencing on which plants are growing (currently in winter). It will look fabulous when these plants are fully grown. 

MIC at How we Montessori - internal aspect

The circular form of this building makes it feel very inclusive. 

MIC at How we Montessori - the green wall producing passion fruit


MIC at How we Montessori - Parent Toddler Class

A peek inside the Parent-Toddler classroom. The windows are at toddler height! In all of the classrooms the windows are at the children's height which is possible when the building is purpose built.

MIC at How we Montessori - toddler shelves

Toddler shelves. 

MIC at How we Montessori - toddler sink area

Toddler sink.  

MIC at How we Montessori 9-12 garden

The 9-12 year class is located nearby in detached buildings. Above is a section of the 9-12 year class garden. 

MIC Adolescence Community at How we Montessori

Above and all pictures below are from the Adolescent Community. I found this the most interesting as I haven't visited a Montessori Adolescent Community before. I have seen a few pictures online and I have heard lots of good things, however it was such a good experience to see it in person. The whole school is on 22 hectares backing onto rainforest. The children have a lot of space for their farm and other pursuits. 

MIC at How we Montessori back of adolescence community

This area of the school has a relaxed vibe. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Adolescence Community

The school has many innovative features. These buildings have been recognised for sustainable architecture, you can see more images at the Australian Institute of Architects.

MIC at How we Montessori - Multi Purpose room in the Adolescence Community

A multi-purpose room. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Adolescence Community with music

Classrooms in the Adolescent Community. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Back of Adolescence Community

So much open space. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Adolescence Community - rooms

Computer and meeting area. 

MIC at How we Montessori, Adolescence Community, anatomy, physiology area

Anatomy or physiology shelves. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Adolescence Communty working area

Above is part of the area for the farm where the children can work on or make repairs on their equipment. 

MIC at How we Montessori - backpacks and mountain bike parking area

You can see more of the Montessori International College Adolescent Community below.


Thank you to Rebecca from I Am Montessori for accompanying me on this tour and to the staff at Montessori International College; Mark, Marina, and Rebecca who all took time out of their day to talk to us. If you are located near the Sunshine Coast I highly recommend having a look at this authentic and innovative Montessori school. 

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