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Friday Links and Things

Pic of the Day How we Montessori - yarn at MIC

I have included some more photographs from my visit to the Montessori International College, if you missed my previous post please go and have a look, it's a unique school. Above and below are areas of the 3-6 year playground. 

MIC at How we Montessori - Beautiful Environment

The photograph below is of a 6-9 year kitchen. The kitchens are located in between the classrooms. It is a well used area. While taking these photographs children were using this space to independently make toasted sandwiches for lunch. It is difficult to see that this area is all at the child's height, all of the benches, sink, and stove tops are at the 6-9 year child's level. A couple of other things to note for this age is a sign on the dishwasher so it is clear when it is on and a list of cleaning duties on the refrigerator. I love this set up and how accessible it is.

Montessori MIC Cycle Two 6-9 years school kitchen at How we Montessori

So what am I reading this week? 

  • Sandpaper Letters at Doing Montessori in Dubbo (there are a few nice pictures of the home Montessori area). 

On the topic of art I am reading Introducing Visual Arts to the Montessori Classrooms, have you read it? I am also looking for some black food colouring to make this Galaxy Playdough

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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