Great toys for the the Beach, Sand and Water, 100% recycled plastic.
Home-made Crystal Fun!!

My picks - Montessori Activities on Etsy

Montessori Materials for the Home on Etsy from How we Montessori

Wow! There are some beautiful Montessori materials for the home on Etsy. Here are some of my picks.

Beautiful coloured nesting crochet baskets for colour matching activities or for storing materials on your shelves. 

Beeswax Polish is perfect for wood polishing and gentle on little hands, smells so good. 

I love this idea - Ocean in a Box. This pack includes laminated information cards with real beach specimens such as sponges and shells! Love! Great for getting some beach inspiration without leaving your home. 

We love using geoboards and this natural Wood Geoboard is a lovely option. I really like the contrast of the walnut base. 

Birchwood Stacking Toy - they also have a natural version, the columns increase in height so this is a good toy for coordination but also visual discrimination. 

Threading is a popular Montessori activity and this Branch Threading Set is adorable and I love the texture and the sensorial experience for the child! 

I'm totally obsessed with these self-correcting Bird Puzzles. This set includes puzzles with information cards about birds and beak adaptions. This store has lots of good ideas. 

This Butterfly Lifecycle Playdough set would be fun to use with toddlers, the colours and cookie cutters are really sweet. 

Sock matching? This would be a really easy activity to put in a bowl or basket and present to a toddler. It's a little bit different to the usual matching activities, and I like that. Really good for visual discrimination with different patterns and colours.  

An adorable Hardwood Child's Bench. Lovely for the entryway, a gorgeous place to sit and put on or take off shoes. 

I also really love this chunky pegging toy and small balance board

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