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Beautiful Montessori Classrooms - Around the World (Part Three)

Little Birds Montessori Preschool Geneva Classroom

Today I have a few more Montessori classrooms to show you. They are all unique and all very beautiful. The uniting features? The materials, the open layout, the workspaces, the natural finishes!

Above is Little Birds Montessori Preschool near Geneva Switzerland.

Headland Montessori Classroom #1

Headland Montessori, Manly, New South Wales, Australia. This classroom is very open and I love the timber flooring. 

Seaton Montessori

Seton Montessori School, IL, USA. The stained glass windows are amazing. 

Sancta Maria Montessori Preschool

Sancta Maria Montessori Pre-School, Christchurch, New Zealand. This building is so lovely. 

The Washington Montessori Institute Loyola University Maryland

The Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola University Maryland. Although this is a teaching facility, a model school, there are still lots of interesting pieces.   

Montessori Centre Point Cook, Australia

Montessori Point Cook, Victoria, Australia. I love how in this picture you can see how the children work. Sometimes they work on the floor with a work rug, sometimes at the tables individually and sometimes at the tables in groups. 

Grand Blanc Montessori Classroom

Grand Blanc Montessori, Michigan, USA. This classroom looks really homely. 

You can also read Montessori Classrooms - Around the World Part One and Part Two. In most cases, you can follow the links to read more about the schools. To be included in this series please (I would love to feature more schools from Asia and Europe) submit photographs or links to [email protected].

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