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The boys and I have been making crystals. I have always wondered how these were made! We used this tutorial. They come out as hard as rock and so sparkly! The boys were really excited to check on the crystals to see how they had grown. We also made some spiral pipe cleaner crystals using a similar method. They are really pretty and I'm sure we will make some variations.... Read more →

Wow! There are some beautiful Montessori materials for the home on Etsy. Here are some of my picks. Beautiful coloured nesting crochet baskets for colour matching activities or for storing materials on your shelves. Beeswax Polish is perfect for wood polishing and gentle on little hands, smells so good. I love this idea - Ocean in a Box. This pack includes laminated information cards with real beach specimens such as... Read more →

We don't always take toys to the beach. The water and the sand are often enough. Enough for the kids to explore, swim and run around. However, there are times when we are meeting with friends and family or going to be there all day when a few toys can be useful, especially for the little ones. recently asked if we would like to try out some Green Toys.... Read more →

When we don't make it to the markets we like to stop in at our local fruit and vegetable store. It is getting better but we are still in the minority of those using reusable produce bags. Otis is wearing his Soft Star Shoes. His teachers asked for him to wear lace up shoes to school so he has been wearing these less. I don't think I've shown you them... Read more →

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 Over the years I've written many posts about how we use our Montessori trays, from presenting snack to art materials. One of my most frequently asked questions is "Where can I get those Montessori trays?" Today I'm going to address that question! Wooden trays are preferred as they are a natural, sustainable material... Read more →

Nature Walk Montessori School, Illinois, USA. Montessori Mozaika, Czech Republic. Wow, so clean and ordered, I love the open shelving! Bluebell Montessori School, Wembley, UK. Keystone Montessori, Midrand, South Africa. Take a look outside - gorgeous! Montessori School of Moscow, Russia. It's subtle in Montessori classrooms but there are plants and flowers everywhere! Learning Steps Preschool Education, Kifisia, Greece. Montessori School of Geneva, Switzerland. Love the light and tall windows!... Read more →

"To the educator, the child who goes for a walk is an explorer... All children should be able to go on walks like this, guided by what appeals to them." - Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind. Walking is an exercise in physical and mental stimulation. We know Maria Montessori believed in daily nature walks, in all weather and in all seasons. Nature walks must allow the child the opportunity to... Read more →

In Montessori schools, children are exposed to a whole range of geography materials including puzzle maps and globes. A four or five-year-old is likely to be familiar with the Sandpaper Globe of Land and Water and the Coloured Continents Globe. They may be able to sing the Continents Song! But what about in the home? "A globe is probably one of the most important pieces of material to have in... Read more →