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Great toys for the the Beach, Sand and Water, 100% recycled plastic.

Green Toys Sub

We don't always take toys to the beach. The water and the sand are often enough. Enough for the kids to explore, swim and run around. However, there are times when we are meeting with friends and family or going to be there all day when a few toys can be useful, especially for the little ones. 

Child.com.au recently asked if we would like to try out some Green Toys. I knew Otis would like them and they were perfect to take to the beach! 

Otis playing with sub in ocean at How we Montessori

While Caspar spends his hours catching waves Otis plays on the shoreline. Otis loves playing with the Submarine. If you move it just right you can get the propeller going.

Otis with Green Toys Sub at Beach

Green Toys are so tough, they can survive the rough and tumble of play with young children. They are easy to clean and wash down, completely fine for water and sand. They are even dishwasher safe. Ok, I haven't put them in the dishwasher but Otis' Submarine is fantastic to play with in the bath (or shower!). We've had the Green Toys Recycling Truck at home for many years and it still looks as good as new. While Otis looks after his toys they are all well played with. 

Otis on beach with truck at HWM

One of the reasons I said yes to Green Toys is because of their commitment to sustainability. Green Toys demonstrate that recycling can result in something tangible and meaningful - old can become new. Green Toys are made 100% from recycled plastic, mainly from milk containers but also from other recycled plastics like yogurt cups. This can help children to see the efforts of their recycling, to close the loop! All products are packaged in recyclable cardboard and printed with soy inks. All Green Toys are manufactured in the USA.  

Otis with Green Toys Dump Truck at Beach at HWM

We also brought the Green Toys Dump Truck with us! Perfect for sand play! We just gave it a rise at the end of the day. 

Otis on beach with truck at HWM #2

Otis also plays with his Green Toys at home. We don't have a sand pit but the bath and the water tray are fun for playing with the Submarine. Otis has an interest in sharks and under the ocean, so the Submarine adds a human element to this play. 

Otis with Green Toys Submarine in Water Tray

Our Green Toys Dump Truck and Submarine are c/o Child.com.au. Child.com.au have 20% off all Green Toys (including this fantastic Ferry Boat) until the 12th August 2016, you can see more details on their website. 

(If you are in the US you can see the Green Toys Submarine, Dump Truck, Ferry Boat and Recycling Truck here.) 

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