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What are Montessori 'Action' Cards and how we use them.

Action Cards at How we Montessori - Otis sitting on rug

Montessori 'Action' or 'Command' Card are really easy to use at home. They are simple to make; they can be hand-written or printed. They can be adapted to your child's level of reading, from simple consonant-vowel-consonant words to complex phrases.

Otis is still learning some of his phonograms, and he knows some sight words (such as 'the'), so I know I can mix up the cards and include some that are easy and some that are more challenging. Unlike other Montessori activities, I think this one is really good to do at home; it doesn't take away or duplicate any work done at school. You also know that if your child isn't engaged or having fun, then it's not a good activity for them at that time. 

Montessori Action Cards contain action verbs. The child reads the word or phrase and then acts out the action. It makes learning to read fun; there are lots of ways to be silly! You can show your child the card and do the action together. Alternatively, you can put the cards in a pile and take turns reading the cards and performing the actions. There really isn't a wrong way to do it. So simple!

Using the Montessori Action Cards is a fantastic way to do some reading work in short bursts, it's an easy five-minute game that you can play together. 

Montessori Tides School has a brief description for parents on how to use the cards with 3-5-year-olds. The Helpful Garden has some free printables and further explanation which you might find useful. You know I love Miss Rhonda's Readers, and she also has action cards, (a pack of 32 phonetic cards and 32 phonogram cards) which makes it easy to find suitable words for your child, and if you have other sets of hers, you can start to make phrases. 

If you are using the Montessori Action Cards, I hope you are having some fun! 

How we Montessori - Action Command Cards

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