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When is the best time to introduce the microscope?

Using a microscope at How we Montessori

When is the best time to introduce your child to a microscope? When they are curious! When they ask questions only a microscope can answer. When you have something truly fascinating to show them. If they loved reading Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes - that time is now! 

The world around us provides many free and amazing learning materials, all we need to do is to reach out and use them! The microscope allows the child to explore the world in a completely different way. The first time a child uses a microscope or views a cell can be life changing! It can ignite a passion! 

A microscope is a tool, not a toy. No matter their age, children should be taught how to use and care for it correctly and respectfully. In my experience a child of 3-4 years can be shown how to use and handle a microscope, they can view items under it but will struggle to use and focus it independently. By 5-6 years old I allow my children free access and independent use of the microscope. At this age, they generally have a good grasp of focusing and can use it and prepared glass slides with care. By 8-9 years and onwards most children will be able to start preparing their own slides and making their own conclusions and discoveries!

Consider setting up a science or discovery area or shelf. Microscopes should be kept in a prominent place where the children can access it (if age appropriate). I want to encourage my children to use the microscope and for it to be available at the exact moment they need it. I want them to make their discoveries freely. 

If you are using a microscope for the first time prepared slides are your friend, they make it super easy to start exploring with your children and there are many different samples available. 

We use the My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope. I have used a few microscopes with my children and the Duo-Scope is by far the best, we've been using it for years, it is good quality and suitable for young children using a microscope for the first time but also suitable for older children. Below are some photographs from our samples today including an insect wing, silk, cotton and Epsom salt crystals. 

Under the microscope at How we Montessori

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