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Nature Table Autumn Grow Grow Grow!

Today I wanted to show you some nature tables designed for the Montessori (home and school) environment. The change in seasons is always a good time to refresh the nature table. While our nature table isn't always season specific, I'm always looking for new ideas! 

Above Making an Autumn Nature Table at Grow Grow Grow! For the home environment, I love the idea of using the season themed colour tablets. A poem on the chalk board is a lovely idea! 

Nature Table from the Casa Class at Helensville Montessori New Zealand

nature table at Helensville Montessori. Insects in resin are always a nice touch. I think there is also an interesting cross section of a pine cone!

How we Montessori Nature Table - Ocean beach theme

This is one of my favourite nature tables with an ocean theme. 

A Simple Nature Table at The Kavanaugh Report

A simple nature table at The Kavanaugh Report. This is really simple but beautiful and can be meaningful for a toddler. 

Nature Table at Merci Montessori

How gorgeous is this? This is a nature table at Merci Montessori. I also love the nature table they have here, perhaps for a younger child as it's a little simpler. 

La Table Nature Nature Table, Montessori at Athena School France

This is a nature table from the French kindergarten class at Lycée International Montessori - Athena School. If you follow the link they also have a few tips for creating a Montessori nature table including changing it regularly and to label items for early readers. 

Feeling inspired? I've lots of ideas to get started on a spring nature table! 

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