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Are you looking for some fresh Montessori inspiration? I hope you enjoy these French Montessori bedrooms! They have lots of ideas, lots of colour and a little bit of whimsy. Above Montessori et Cie: La chambre de Thaïs at Fairy's Fabrics (English here). Montessori et nous: le lit de Lou at Et Dieu Crea - Family Blog in Paris (English here). Above and below La chambre de Titouan at Le... Read more →

Magazines for children are a luxury, a fun read. Some have activities and some are more educational than others. These are six children's magazines that we read and love. We have subscriptions to a couple (Dot and Anorak) and the others we get when they are available. From a Montessori perspective, the first three of these magazines have some abstract concepts so you might want to read them first before... Read more →

It's been a busy week. The boys are on school holidays and I've barely made it into my office. So this is a quick post, a few pictures from today! Otis is loving this tray of feathers. Reading Feathers: Not Just for Flying. The boys' (mainly Caspar's) knitting. We are using this set from Indigo Inspirations with lovely hand dyed rainbow wool. It started at 12 stitches and is now... Read more →

It's now Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (and Sping in the Southern), where ever you are it's a good time to explore leaves! Here are a few leaf puzzles, from around the world. Perfect for the nature table, botanical study area or work shelves. The first three are suitable for toddlers who are working on hand-eye coordination. There are puzzles for learning about the different types of leaves and the... Read more →

Have you ever attended a parenting course or seminar? I think it's a bit like upskilling or professional development. I believe that parenting will be the most important thing I ever do, I need all the tools and skills I can get! Last week I attended at Triple P Parenting Seminar and I was so, so surprised at what I took away. The parenting seminar I attended was only an... Read more →

This was our first week of the Spring school holidays. The boys have been busy and mostly enjoying days at home. Both boys created some salad spinner art (above and below). Here are a few things I've been reading this week. It's a Material World by Sveta Pais at Sveta touches on a really important topic of parenting in a Montessori way. Colour of the Day Dishcloths at Happy... Read more →

I love finding fantastic new release books. But I also love the good, the old and the dependable. My First Discovery Books are so reliable, whatever the topic I know Otis will enjoy the book! They are just at the right level for 3 to 5-year-olds. Not too much, not too little detail. The books are all bright, friendly and factual. I have to say that the transparent overlays play... Read more →

I am passionate about indoor plants, not just in the children's areas but throughout our home. A home doesn't feel like a home without a bit of greenery. I've been into classrooms who do indoor plants really well, and I've also been into a few classrooms with next to no living things in them (other than the students and staff). Indoor plants are fantastic for purifying the air and creating... Read more →

Natura Baby / Montessori Services / Just Montessori Montessori Design by Nuccia / Counting Coconuts / Pinterest How we Montessori / The Work Plan / The Wonder Years Wood polishing is an incredibly soothing activity. It can help to restore calmness and concentration within a child while nourishing wooden toys and materials. There are often many wooden materials around our home (and classroom) that could do with a bit of... Read more →

Two Montessori Videos to Love - in French

Interested in taking a peek into two French Montessori classrooms? Here are two lovely examples. I don't speak French though, so please let me know if something has been lost in translation! Bande annonce Le maître est l'enfant - film sur la pédagogie Montessori - Trailer The master is the child - film about the Montessori method. You can find out more about this film here. This is a fund... Read more →

The boys have been playing two new games that are super fun and educational - it's time to share them! Both of these games require concentration, spatial awareness, visual discrimination and are fantastic for brain development. Make 'N' Break and ShapeOmetry are c/o Above Otis is playing Make 'N' Break. Otis at five can complete all levels. We don't play it in a competitive way. Although the children like... Read more →

Take a peek into our Montessori kitchen areas through the years starting at eighteen months. As the children get older we naturally move things around. You will see a lot of the same materials just in different locations. It's fun to look back! Above our food preparation area from 18 months, including a drinking station. We put low side table near our kitchen for pouring drinks and serving food. There... Read more →

Otis and I have been working on our spring nature table. It's fluid and it changes daily! The process has been child led, I've made plenty of suggestions but Otis has put the table together. Spring is fantastic for learning about life cycles of plants and animals. Spring is full of colour and life and I think our nature table reflects that. The nature table provides the perfect opportunity to... Read more →

1. Sorting Tray (UK) / 2. Nienhuis Sorting Tray Small (UK) / 3. 3-Compartment Sorting Tray with Handles / 4. Wooden Sorting Tray (Australia) / 5. Compartment Wood Sorting Tray / 6. Compartment Wood Sorting Tray / 7. Round Willow Sorting Tray / 8. Carved Wooden Sorting Tray / 9. Three Section Wood Tray / 10. Two-Section Sorting Dish / 11. Flower Sorting Tray (Australia) / 12. Clean Egg Carton... Read more →