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Around here today... in pictures

Otis Feather Study at HWM

It's been a busy week. The boys are on school holidays and I've barely made it into my office. So this is a quick post, a few pictures from today! Otis is loving this tray of feathers. Reading Feathers: Not Just for Flying.

Caspar's Knitting September 2016

The boys' (mainly Caspar's) knitting. We are using this set from Indigo Inspirations with lovely hand dyed rainbow wool. It started at 12 stitches and is now 15 stitches across.  There are a few lumps and bumps but overall they are doing a great job. The lesson I've found here isn't really about knitting at all but about concentration. When the boys are concentrating the knitting comes naturally but when their concentration is broken they start to drop stitches. 

Caspar and Otis, making a mask

There are so many ways we can use this plaster, we have only just started experimenting. Caspar made a mask and Otis made a cast of his hand. Perhaps we'll make a volcano next or cover a balloon.  

Otis with plaster hand at HWM

You can see how Caspar's mask and Otis' hand turned out here, all they need to do is paint them. 

Otis on natural obstacle course at HWM

Otis enjoying a natural obstacle course. 

Caspar with his Guinea Pig Felix at HWM

Caspar and his pet Guinea Pig.  

Nature Anatomy at HWM

Caspar's work table, reading Nature Anatomy and a local guide Backyard Insects of Brisbane. I hope you are enjoying your week! 

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