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Gorgeous NonFiction - My First Discoveries

The Egg - My First Discoveries at HWM

I love finding fantastic new release books. But I also love the good, the old and the dependable. 

My First Discovery Books are so reliable, whatever the topic I know Otis will enjoy the book! They are just at the right level for 3 to 5-year-olds. Not too much, not too little detail. The books are all bright, friendly and factual. I have to say that the transparent overlays play a big part of the education factor but also the enjoyment for little ones. Each book has overlays that allow you to see the internal anatomy of humans, animals, inside eggs or show reverse sides of the picture. 

There are many books in the series from one of our favourites The Body (so important to teach children about their own bodies) to animals, science, transport topics. There are books for almost every area of interest. We've been captivated and I hope we can build our collection. While I feel children older than five will still enjoy the series, it's likely they will be looking for more information on the topics, in greater detail.   

We've often used these books on our nature table or for displays. They are not too big and with the hard cover and spiral binding they sit nicely on the table.  

My Body First Discoveries at How we Montessori

The Body

Seashore - First Discoveries at How we Montessori Nature Table

The Seashore

HWM Otis reading in bed - Whales - My First Discoveries

A new addition... Whales. Otis also enjoys Sharks. You can see the size, good for displays but also for reading in bed!

Otis reading Whales (My First Discoveries) at HWM

I haven't seen any of the My First Discoveries books locally and my friends hadn't seen them before. They are really worth looking at for gorgeous and engaging nonfiction books for the home or classroom. You can find the series at Amazon or if you are outside of the US you might like to try the Book Depository (around $15 AUD per book with free shipping). 

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