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Have you ever attended a parenting course or seminar? Raising Confident, Competent Children with Triple P!

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Have you ever attended a parenting course or seminar? I think it's a bit like upskilling or professional development. I believe that parenting will be the most important thing I ever do, I need all the tools and skills I can get!

Last week I attended at Triple P Parenting Seminar and I was so, so surprised at what I took away. 

The parenting seminar I attended was only an hour long and completely free, it was well worth the investment. I went to the Raising Confident, Competent Children seminar presented by Matt Sanders.

Matt was completely non-judgemental, warm, welcoming and funny. He spoke with clarity and presented parenting tools and strategies in a very positive and reassuring way. 

While I don't have any specific parenting concerns I left the seminar feeling really empowered, knowing I have lots of tools to improve my parenting. I feel the seminar would be beneficial for all parents including those who favour natural, attachment and Montessori parenting. Triple P don't tell parents how to parent but rather help them set their own goals according to their own beliefs.

There was a strong focus on raising confident, resilient, independent children with lots of strategies that are very  in line with my Montessori thinking. There was also a focus on positive discipline. Listening to the other parents in attendance this was a major area of concern. If you have similar concerns about discipline I recommend looking up Triple P seminars in your area (there are regular seminars around Queensland).

Triple P has something for every parent. They offer one-off seminars that give parents a few ideas, to ongoing courses and support in private, in groups or online.   

There are four ways for parents (carers and grandparents) can access Triple P for FREE in Queensland;

  1. By telephone. Call Parentline on 1300 30 1300 (for the cost of a local call) and ask to speak to a Triple P provider. 
  2. In a group. Go to a seminar, a one-off workshop (discussion group) or group course.
  3. In private. Visit a provider for a one-on-one session.
  4. Online. Triple P Online Course.

Triple P is one of the world's most respected parenting programs. It has been extensively trialled, tested and researched. It has been proven to work for most families, time and time again. 

What I like most about the Triple P program is that it is flexible, there are so many ways to access free services. It is a positive program and very practical. Triple P was developed here in Brisbane and is now used in 25 countries. 

You can also learn a little more about the program and hear from other parents on YouTube.


You can find out more about Triple P on their Facebook page and Website. This post is sponsored by Triple P - Positive Parenting Program and the Queensland Government. 

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