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Making a Diorama

Diorama making at How we Montessori

Diorama - A model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit.

My boys love making dioramas! It's such a good way of presenting research! Over the weekend I snapped a few pictures of the dioramas the boys made. 

Supplies for making the diorama at How we Montessori

They each selected a theme or topic for their diorama and collected the materials they wanted to use. The solar system tub is on the left and the African savannah tub is on the right. Otis collected sand, first he wanted to have a desert theme but picked up the savannah back-drop and animals. He worked it out eventually. 

Caspar cuttong box for diorama at How we Montessori

The boys prepared their boxes. Caspar did the cutting! 

Otis painting diorama box at How we Montessori

Finished! Otis' African savannah diorama.

Otis African Diorama at How we Montessori

Caspar's solar system diorama! 

Caspar's Solar System Diorama at How we Montessori

Have you made dioramas before? With a box, paint and a few materials, they are easy to put together. Caspar loves to make space dioramas. He has made them before with asteroids and he loves volcano dioramas too. Caspar will put his on a shelf to observe and perhaps tinker with but Otis loves to play with his. 

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