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Montessori Leaf Puzzles - For All Ages

Montessori Leaf Puzzles - for all ages. At How we Montessori.

It's now Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (and Sping in the Southern), where ever you are it's a good time to explore leaves! Here are a few leaf puzzles, from around the world. Perfect for the nature table, botanical study area or work shelves. The first three are suitable for toddlers who are working on hand-eye coordination. There are puzzles for learning about the different types of leaves and the more traditional Montessori Parts of a Leaf Puzzles for exploring the anatomy of a leaf. I love them all! 

1. Wooden Leaf Puzzle / 2. Toddler Wood Puzzle / 3. Wooden Leaf Puzzle

4. Types of Leaves Puzzle / 5. Lift and Learn Leaf Puzzle / 6. True to Life Leaves Wood Puzzle

7. Leaf Puzzle / 8. Wooden Leaf Puzzle / 9. Three Puzzles Botaniques

10. Parts of a Leaf Puzzle / 11. Botany Puzzle: Leaf / 12. Leaf Nature Inset Puzzle

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