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Nature Themed Materials - from Etsy

Nature Items from Etsy - How we Montessori

I recently ordered some nature materials from Etsy. I was surprised, I usually wouldn't look to Etsy for nature materials, but they have so many wonderful things. Usually, we would use items that we have picked up or found on nature walks. However, it's nice to offer variety and provide some nature materials that aren't so common or easy to find. Here are some of my favourite nature finds on Etsy!  

Loose Parts Insect / Bug Exploration

Honey Bee Anatomy Board

Animal Tracks: Badger Plaster Cast - isn't this fabulous! 

20 Item Nature Curiosity Collection

Nature Inspired Alphabet Learning Cards

Children's Season Picture Books

I also love this idea which has a lot of inspiration for the home, Peace Through Nature - Montessori Peace Table Set. And what did I order... lots of beautiful feathers (from here)! I can't wait to see them! 

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