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This week... how I stay organised, blogs I'm reading, and things.

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How was your week? I'm exhausted. I do a lot of solo parenting, sometimes for months sometimes for weeks on end. It's a lot of work. This week we used a babysitter for the very first time (while I attended a parenting seminar!). The boys had so much fun!  

I've been talking to other parents about overscheduling, extra-curricular activities, and how much is too much? Otis has swimming lessons, he absolutely loves it. Both boys have one on one lessons and Otis adores his teacher - which I think is important, it's important that they have a good rapport. Caspar doesn't love swimming lessons but knows it's an essential skill and he does the work. Caspar also does Judo which he is really passionate about. He has a small class of 10-12 students ranging from seven to eighteen years. I love seeing him in this environment, the children are all so different (most are teenagers). Caspar also has a lot of respect for his Sensei. So while I believe it's important that children have lots (heaps) of spare time for free play, I also believe there is a place for meaningful extra-curricular activities. 

I've been asked about how I stay organised. I use a paper planner however recently I switched from a monthly planner (two pages to a month) to a weekly, hourly planner (two pages to a week) and it's changed my life! I'm not kidding. It's helped me to see what I really do with my time and how to manage it better (how to squeeze more in). I'm currently using this planner (which is sold out, similar here on Etsy)! I use these to keep track of my hydration, which increased immediately! I also use a desk pad which keeps me on track to achieve my goals each day. 

Talking about time management I use Audible to listen to audio books. I listen to many more books than I would be able to read. I've recently enjoyed I Know How She Does It and 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think both by Laura Vanderkam. I use Bloglovin to follow all the blogs that I read, this has been a game changer too, all blog posts in one place! It's also where I save the blog posts I really love to later reference or look back on. It's where I save any great Montessori ideas that I see online.  

What have I enjoyed reading this week?

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If you have an infant you might like this article and playspaces at the Magical Movement Company. 

We also try a lot of art activities from this blog Art Projects for Kids.  

I hope you have a good weekend! 

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