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Two New Games to Try - For Spatial Awareness, Visual Discrimination, Brain Development.

Make 'n' Break and Shape-O-Metry at How we Montessori

The boys have been playing two new games that are super fun and educational - it's time to share them! Both of these games require concentration, spatial awareness, visual discrimination and are fantastic for brain development. Make 'N' Break and ShapeOmetry are c/o

Ravensburger Make 'n' Break at How we Montessori

Above Otis is playing Make 'N' Break. Otis at five can complete all levels. We don't play it in a competitive way. Although the children like to race the timer! The child takes a card and builds the blocks to match the pattern on the card. If they beat the timer they win. Some of the cards are really easy for Otis and other are more difficult. They require him to think and concentrate.  

Make 'n' Break at How we Montessori

Caspar at eight also loves to do this as quickly as possible! Both of these games are suitable for the home, homeschool, a school waiting room, play room or after school hours care. 

Caspar playing Make 'n' Break at How we Montessori

The other game the boys have been enjoying is ShapeOmetry. With ShapeOmetry the child selects a card and selects the coloured pieces that are on the card. The child then uses the pieces to make two identical shapes. The answer is on the back of the card which allows the child to self-correct. This is much more about mathematical relationships in a hands-on way.

Shape-O-Metry at How we Montessori

The boys recently took both of these games to their Grandma's house. ShapeOmetry has a little pouch which makes travelling really easy. I recommend this game from five to six-years plus. Here Otis is working on the beginner level and it is challenging. 

Shape-O-Metry at How we Montessori, Game to Try

Thank you to for the games. currently has 25% off games and puzzles for a limited time, see the website for details. We also love the Baby Animal Matching Game (for younger children), International Flag Matching Game, Junior Colorino and Make 'N' Break Junior.  

(If you are in the US you can order Make 'N' Break here and ShapeOmetry here.) 

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