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A Quick Art Activity - Plaster Gauze!

Otis with plaster gauze

Last week I mentioned we had been using plaster gauze. I was so surprised by how much fun it was. Caspar made a mask and Otis made a cast of his hand. They would be awesome as Halloween decorations or costumes!

Since I've encouraged the boys to play around and experiment with the gauze. It's not a really clean activity but it's not out of control messy either. I've seen other children make amazing volcanos and the options are really endless. The plaster gauze can be used in any shape or direction and it sets really hard. It's also microwavable but we've always let ours air dry. 

Otis with plaster gauze in balloon

We have been using this plaster gauze, our local Officeworks has the same one in store but not online (in the US this looks similar). We cut the gauze into to various sizes. You need to dip the gauze into warm water and then squeeze out the excess water and apply to the desired shape. For most projects, the boys have made three to four layers. 

Otis with plaster gauze on balloon at HWM

So I really love the volcano idea but here the boys made bowls. They applied the gauze to the end of a balloon. Once dried the bowls came off the balloon easily. The boys painted the bowls and Otis also used some glue to apply some sequins and feathers. We didn't seal the bowls but a good layer of mod podge might help and give it a glossy finish. 

Otis painting his plaster bowl at HWM

Anyway, here are the end products! 

Otis with painted plaster bowls at How we Montessori - finished bowls

Let me know if you give this a try. It was much more fun and interesting than I had expected! 

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