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Montessori Classrooms - Around the World (Part Four).

Cardiff Montessori Classroom #1

I have four beautiful Montessori schools to show you. These classrooms are for various age groups and from around the world, however, they are all distinctively Montessori! 

These first three images are from Cardiff Montessori School, Wales, UK. 

Cardiff Montessori Wales UK, Inside Classroom Environment

Cardiff Montessori is set in this gorgeous building, it looks like a castle and is on a historic site.  This classroom is so well equipped and ordered. This reading area looks so comfortable and right under these large windows! 

Cardiff Montessori Classroom with Windows

The Earth School, India

The next three images are from the The Earth School, Bangalore, India. These areas are so open and spacious and very ordered. Below are some practical life shelves with a nature display on the floor. It's gorgeous! 

The Earth School, India, Shellls

This classroom has the Montessori materials and is unique with lots of little details to absorb. 

The Earth School, India, Shelving

Nido Scuola Montessori Como

The next three images are from Scuola Montessori Como, Italy. Above and below are from the Nido (Nest), infants to three years. I love looking at infant spaces and above you can see a movement area with mirror and pull up bar, with various manipulatives! To the right is a low table with a cube chair.   

Scuola Montessori Como

Below is the environment of the Casa Dei Bambini (Children's House), three to six years. 

Casa Dei Bambini Scuolo Montessori Como Hosanger Montessoriskule, Norway, classroom 2016

I really wanted to show greater diversity in the classrooms and I think this one achieves that. The next three images are from Hosanger Montessoriskule, Norway. It is an environment for children 6 - 9 and 9 - 12.

Hosanger Montessoriskule Norway, Classroom

Again the delight is in the details. These classrooms have lots of microscopes, anatomy models, maps, even sewing machines. You can also follow this school on Facebook and see that they do just as much learning outside as they do inside! 

Hosanger Montessori School, Norway at How we Montessori

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If you would like to feature your classroom please email me (Kylie) at [email protected]  

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