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Children's Ergonomics - Sitting at a Table, Getting their Angles Right!

Child sitting ergonomics 90:90:90Image source: Kidz Occupational Therapy

I mentioned that I was trying to improve Caspar's work space. He has a table and chair which are adjustable and I want to make the most of it, set it up in the best way possible. I knew that his feet should sit flat on the floor and I looked up some other ergonomic suggestions. I really wanted to share this as it's a topic I've discussed with many of you here before.

It can be difficult to find quality child size furniture, furniture the exact right size for your child. Often we don't want to invest too much in furniture knowing the kids will grow out of it quickly. And I've seen way too many home spaces where the child can't touch the floor while sitting. The good news is that even if the furniture isn't exact, cushions or props can be used. I'm following the 90/90/90 advice (as shown in the pictures above); 

"The first thing to look at when assessing a child’s workspace is how they are sitting on their chair. Think 90-90-90. Ninety degrees of hip flexion, ninety degrees of knee flexion, and feet flat on floor with ankles at a ninety degree angle. The desk surface should be at about 2-3 inches above their elbow (measure when elbow is bent down along the side of their body) and their shoulders should be relaxed." - Kidz Occupational Therapy, The Ergonomics of a Child's Work Space

Good seating arrangements are important for posture, for the child's developing concentration and for comfort. Caspar also has a sloping desk so we will be experimenting and see what works best for him. I'll be looking at his back support too. I'll also be checking Otis and his positioning as he grows! 

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