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Geoboard - Three Ways

Otis making shapes on geoboard at How we Montessori

Otis has been home from school for the past three days, so we've pulled out a couple of new activities! Above is a standard geoboard with the extra twist of using grid paper. The child draws shapes on the paper then makes the shapes on the geoboard. 

Geoboard Trasnparent - Otis at How we Montessori

When using the geoboard Otis usually makes random shapes and sometimes creates a picture or little scene. Above he is using a transparent geoboard on the light table.

Natural Geoboard at How we Montessori

I made Otis this natural geoboard - inspired by this post at Fairy Dust Teaching. I love how it is a little rustic and makes the child think a little differently about making the shapes. It looks a little more colorful too! 

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