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Geometry Love - Montessori Materials for Geometric Shape Work

Tools to make geometric shapes at How we Montessori

You might have guessed following yesterday's post, that we have been doing lots of geometric shape work around here! We have been using the Geo Strips (number 3.) and I'm often asked about them. So I've compiled a quick list of some other geometric shape construction sticks and pieces that might be useful for a Montessori home or classroom! 

1. Learning Advantage Connecting GeoStix (Australia here).

2. Learning Resources Geometric Shapes Building Set (similar Australia here).

3. Geo Strips (Australia here) (you can see Otis using the Geo Strips in this post).

4. Wikki Stix Basic Shapes Creative Fun Kit.

5. Learning Resources Transparent Anglegs (the Anglegs come in different sizes too!). 

6. Montessori Geometric Stick Material (Australia here) (I love this picture from Westside Montessori School of the Montessori Geometric Stick work, with a brief description). 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!  

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