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I want to share with you a skin care range we've been using with our children. It is sulphate and paraben free, carbon neutral, vegan, cruelty free and made in Australia. We have been using the shampoo, body wash and lotion daily and have even taken it on holidays with us. Sukin is a brand we have used in our home for many years (rose hip oil and natural deodorant). It's available at our local health food shop, it's natural and affordable. However, only recently did we find out about the new Sukin Baby Range. If you have an infant... Read more →

Spring time brings out the birds! I am obsessed with some of these bird puzzles (6 and 8 are my favourites). I wish I could find an Australia version of number 11 or 12. These puzzles are perfect for the nature table or work shelves. The first three puzzles are ideal for toddlers who are working on hand-eye coordination. Many of these puzzles cover birds for specific geographical regions. Puzzles 14-16 are the more traditional Montessori puzzles with a focus on bird anatomy! Not all of these are puzzles, number 9 and 10 are wood tiles, they are still well... Read more →

I have four beautiful Montessori schools to show you. These classrooms are for various age groups and from around the world, however, they are all distinctively Montessori! These first three images are from Cardiff Montessori School, Wales, UK. Cardiff Montessori is set in this gorgeous building, it looks like a castle and is on a historic site. This classroom is so well equipped and ordered. This reading area looks so comfortable and right under these large windows! The next three images are from the The Earth School, Bangalore, India. These areas are so open and spacious and very ordered. Below... Read more →

A few pictures from today, plant edition! I know I only wrote about indoor plants last week. They are just so important to introduce into the home and in children's areas. Indoor Green - Living with Plants (not yet available in the US) is my new favourite book. It's really beautiful and inspiring. I recommend it if you love indoor plants. (You can find more details here in Australia). It contains so many ideas for indoor plants. Currently reading the DK Plant book - it comes with an amazing wall chart we are thinking about framing, it's suitable for both... Read more →

Image source: Belle + Beau I've written a lot about the Montessori floor bed and I get asked this question via email, so perhaps it's time to discuss and get your ideas! Where does a Montessori newborn sleep? Caspar (my first child) slept in a crib until he was around six months old then he transitioned to a floor bed. When he was born I didn't know anything about Montessori, and sadly I knew very little about children. When Otis was born I tried him in a crib (with one side open against our bed) which he slept in for... Read more →