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The Best Montessori Blogs 2016!

Best Montessori Blogs of 2016! At How we Montessori.

Welcome to my list of Best Montessori Blogs of 2016!

I really want to share some fabulous blogs from this year. I'm using the term 'best' loosely as I am sure there are many other wonderful blogs that I don't know about. Also, I have many good friends listed here - so I am biased. I hope you find some beautiful and inspiring Montessori blogs in this list! I've only included active blogs, some of them are more lifestyle blogs, but these are the ones I read and really connect with! I feel the Montessori lifestyle blogs really show the essence of Montessori in the home - which I love!!

  • Itty Bitty Love - Written by Anne, a Montessori teacher now at home with her children. I link to this blog all the time, it's not updated regularly but I really connect with Anne and her Montessori outlook!
  • The Kavanaugh Report - Now a parent to three, Nicole writes about everyday Montessori - and updates regularly! 
  • Milkweed Montessori -  A personal/musings, charming blog by Meghan, Montessori trained and parent to two. 
  • The Montessori Notebook - Simone is a Montessori teacher and has a talent for communicating with parents. An absolute favorite. 
  • Nduoma - Lots of ideas for infancy and toddlers. You will love Junnifa's approach. 
  • Midwest Montessori - This is a tumblr account that I think you will enjoy. Written by Amy who is training in Montessori and her two children (toddler and preschooler). 
  • Montessori on Mars - Written by the gorgeous Montessori teacher and parent, Mars in the Philippines. 
  • The Pinay Homeschooler - I'm not a homeschooler but I still really connect with this site, lots of great ideas for home learning!
  • Planting Peas - I refer to this site all the time! Lots of homeschooling ideas. 
  • Living Montessori Now - Perhaps the best known Montessori blog of all. This is an activity blog, full of ideas, many are Montessori-inspired, and Deb updates regularly. 
  • A Life Sustained - Courtney doesn't write a lot about Montessori but there is clearly a lot of content that Montessori parents will relate to! 
  • The Full Montessori - Written by Pilar who is trained in Montessori, however, writes about her life with her two young children. 
  • What Did We Do All Day - A Montessori Elementary inspired homeschooling blog. A great blog for homeschooling and education for the elementary years.
  • - A collective blog written by experienced Montessori teachers and leaders. 


New (up and coming) Montessori Blogs

  • Mothers Abroad - A parenting site with lots of Montessori orientated content. 



  • Montessori and Me - Written by Megan who is Montessori trained (0-3 and 3-6), including lots of cooking and practical life with her children (3,5 and 7) with beautiful photography. 
  • Doing Montessori in Dubbo - This is such a charming blog, written by Vicki about her two sons (a toddler and preschooler). 


International/Non-English Blogs

  • Emil and Mathilda - One of my all time favorites! Gorgeous blog about the Montessori home experiences of two young children, including lots of infant and toddler posts.  
  • Eltern vom Mars - Another utterly delightful blog about Montessori at home including lots of beautiful spaces.
  • Mini and Me - This is a recent blog for me, but I think you will like it. 


Non-Montessori Blogs I Love


This list isn't conclusive, and there are hundred of Montessori blogs, so please feel free to leave your favorites in the comments! 

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