Beautiful Charlotte Mason Inspired Learning Environments
Notes to a Montessori Parent - Teaching Natural Consequences

Around here. Language and Nature Work.

Otis looking at beetle under miscroscope at How we Montessori

It was a public holiday here today (Australia Day), so I have just a short post to share. Above Otis is taking a closer look at a beetle he found (we still don't know what kind of beetle it is). 

Language Work - Dragonfly

Language work and nature study. Movable Alphabet here

Otis using 'ch' phonogram three part cards at How we Montessori

Working with three part cards, not something we do a lot but 'ch' is also his current speech pathology sound. He also used the 'or' cards.

Flockmen Cards at How we Montessori

Using building challenge cards with our Flockmen. The cards are a lovely extension idea I couldn't wait for the boys to try!

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