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Podcasts for Kids at How we Montessori

Do your children subscribe to any podcasts? We find this audio media so valuable, for education and entertainment. There are so many occasions where podcasts fit seamlessly into our lives, we often listen to podcasts:

  • on car trips, road trips or even on the way to school.
  • while baking together, making Friday night pizza or Saturday morning pancakes!
  • during art sessions.
  • on rainy days (or heat waves) when we spend longer than usual inside.
  • when the children need down time but don't to want to read.
  • when the children are unwell and lack energy, or when I am unwell (or tired) and the boys want a story.
  • just for fun in the playroom, often while tidying or cleaning.

Listening to podcasts is a really great alternative to screen time. It can be quite passive and the children can just relax and zone out, it can be energising (see music podcasts below) or it can be inspiring and intellectually stimulating which can result in the child having questions or interested in a whole new area of study. We subscribe to a few podcasts that I have listed below. The age recommendations are very approximate and are a starting point only, children's vocabularies, comprehension, and interests will vary widely. 

  1. brains on! (iTunes) - Their motto is "we are serious about being curious!". This is Caspar's (9yrs) favourite podcast. Each episode has a theme that is submitted by listeners. The episodes are fast moving, to the point and interesting, The kids will take away lots of relevant facts and a greater understanding of all topics. A fantastic podcast for children that love science and nature. My kids love the mystery sound.  Most episodes are 15-30 minutes. Co-hosted by different kid scientists. Ages 5yrs+.
  2. Tumble - Science Podcast for Kids (iTunes) - Another great science podcast for kids. In-depth discussions. Hosted by a teacher and science journalist. Uses story telling to teach science. Ages 5yrs+.
  3. Short and Curly (iTunes) - The only Australian podcast in our list. Explores curly ethical questions such as Who wants a virtual life? Why can't kids vote? Is it ever ok to lie? Episodes around 20 minutes each. Designed to be listened to by kids with their parents to promote discussion. Questions and ideas to really get you thinking! Ages 7yrs+. 
  4. But Why? (iTunes) - A podcast for curious kids. With questions like What Is The World Split Into Countries, How is Chocolate Made?, Where Does Snow Come From? Episodes generally 10-25 minutes. The podcasts answer listener (children's) questions. Ages 7yrs+. Suitable for younger children but the language and terminology used is a bit advanced. 
  5. The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl (iTunes) - Great kids music. It's modern fun and high energy! Good for listening in the car, for lifting spirits or playing in the playroom on speakers. This is Otis' (5yrs) favourite podcast. Ages 5yrs+. I can't even type this without getting the theme song stuck in my head. 
  6. Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (iTunes). Indie music for indie kids. Lots of great music. I love that this is a family podcast, the host is Bill Childs and his children Liam and Ella, their conversations and commentary are cute and sweet. Easy listening with some great music. Ages 5yrs +. 
  7. Story Pirates (iTunes) - Adapted from stories children have written, a little silly, a lot of fun. Ages 5+ depending on the story. This is actually really inspiring and it motivates the children to write their own, often weird and wacky stories, then narrate them!
  8. Storynory (iTunes) - Perfect for bedtime stories, will put Otis (and me) to sleep! The categories include Greek Myths, World Fairytales, Poems and Classic Audio books. Perfect for when Otis is unwell or needing some help to get back to sleep or needs soothing for example when trying to get to sleep while it is thundering or with heavy rain. This is our preferred storytime podcast. Ages 3+.

Here are some other podcasts your children might like.

  • Classics for Kids (iTunes) - Classical music for kids with lovely commentary. Lots of information about composers and classic instruments. You can listen to the episodes by particular composer which would be perfect for unit study or cultural studies. Ages 5+.
  • Children's Treasure Chest - New Zealand stories for children. Ages 3+ depending on the story.
  • Stories Podcast (iTunes) and Sparkle Stories (iTunes). Both heavy on fantasy and fairy tales. Ages 3+.  
  • Astronomy Cast (iTunes) - This is a fun podcast perfect for children with a strong interest in space and astronomy! 
  • Kids Like You And Me - Stories about or from real children. Includes episodes on Type 1 Diabetes, Williams Syndrome, Hearing Loss. Only has seven episodes but is current. It is really eye opening.
  • Nature Kids Radio (iTunes) - My kids don't listen to this but I enjoy it! Dedicated to reconnecting kids and families with the wonders of nature! Includes interviews with some of the top minds from the realms of science, education, outdoor recreation and conservation such as Claire Warden (she is brilliant! Forest School and Nature Kindergartens) and Richard Louv (Nature Deficit Disorder). 

Wanting a podcast specifically for Montessori parents? Try Baan Dek Montessori (iTunes) podcast. Hosted by Charlotte Wood, with the occasional guest. This is a good podcast for parents with infants to primary age children. Topics covered including sleep, reading to your child, toileting, preparing the environment. Most episodes are around 10 minutes. I've listened to every episode! 

Please share if your kids love a podcast I haven't mentioned!!

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