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Microscope Areas and Nature Study Areas at How we Montessori

The boys received a new microscope for Christmas. The problem we are facing is not a new one. The boys want it accessible at every moment and leave it out surrounded by several dead bugs and an assortment of coins, stamps, slides and other things. Over Christmas our nature table was put away. Perhaps we could put our microscope on a refreshed nature table? For weeks I've been admiring the microscope area at this home, it's pretty amazing. Here are a few other microscope areas that I'm loving. 

1. Our 'New' Nature Area at All Things Delightful. Love the combination of nature, posters, and an accessible microscope.

2. & 3. De la chenille au papillon at Coquelipop. Computers and technology are real tools. I love seeing this handheld microscope connected to the lap top . 

4. Microscope Study at Montessori From the Heart. Lots of good ideas here. 

5. Nature Display on Pinterest. 

6. Get Real: Learning at Home at Shivaya Naturals. I love all of the open space. 

7. & 8. Microscope work and amazing shelves at Croquelavieenrose. 

I also really like this post, Tips for Creating Playful Learning Spaces - Real and Breakable at We Live We Learn. All the tools and specimens are presented at the child's level and on a tray. I'm finding a lot of inspiration on Instagram, please tag me (@howwemontessori) if you see any microscope areas or shelves that you love!

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