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15 Fun Montessori Frog Materials for Home or School

15 Fun Montessori Frog Materials for Home or School

Frogs along with butterflies are so interesting to study, their lifecycle and metamorphosis make them a favourite with children. We started studying frogs when my children were preschoolers (think model frogs with lifecycle cards) but even at an elementary level (see the dissection kits) they are fascinating. I've compiled a list of some of our most loved and coveted frog materials! 

1. Hand Cut Frog Puzzle - Ooh Looks It's A Rabbit. A simple four piece wood puzzle, more for hand-eye coordination than for learning about frogs, but still lovely! For a slightly older child I also love this handmade Wooden Frog Puzzle from Piron Design.

2. Frog Lifecycle Wooden Puzzle - M.Vita. 

3. Montessori Frog Puzzle - Montessori Shop NZ.

4. Frogs in Nature Tube - Wild Republic (Australia at MiniZoo). These would be perfect for small world play or for a frog themed sensory tray (just add some water and sand, perhaps some logs or lily pads). 

5. Safari Frog Lifecycle Set - Amazon (Australia at MiniZoo). I found these go nicely with the Frog Lifecycle Chart and Cards at Montessori Print Shop.

6. & 7. Parts of a Frog Book and Parts of a Frog Three-Part-Cards - Maitri Learning. For a toddler class I also love the Amphibian Matching cards. These are a great way of incorporating literacy into frog work. 

8. Frog Lifecycle Stamp Set - Alison's Montessori. I love the idea of the child reinforcing their knowledge through creative endeavours such as using stamps. Children could also use the stamps to make their own lifecycle diagrams or story lines. 

9. Frog Field Guide - A field guide is a great idea and often the more local the better. Pocket guides are often inexpensive. Those in Brisbane might like the Pocket Guide: Frogs of South-East Queensland. If you are in the US this children's take along guide looks perfect! There are also some awesome and free field guide apps like the Frog Field Guide by Australian Museum.

10. Giant Magnetic Frog Lifecycle - Learning Resources.

11. Frog Lifecycle Mini Beasts - MTA Australia. These would be perfect for the classroom environment. 

12. Frog Lifecycle Chart and Cards - Montessori Print Shop.

13. Frog Anatomy Model - Amazon. The anatomy models have been a huge hit at our house! 

14. Simulated Frog Dissection Kit - Amazon.

15. Frog Dissection App - (also on iTunes) - Caspar has used this from when he was around seven and I've seen it used in a couple Montessori Cycle 2 (6-9yrs) Classrooms. It's not too squeamish and has enough features to teach internal anatomy.

Also on my list is frog sounds, there are a few apps and audio files around but not one that stood out as a favourite! 

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