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Montessori Wardrobe Inspiration and Ideas

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How about some Friday ideas and inspiration for a Montessori wardrobe? I love all of these examples, from the impeccably neat to the slightly messy and lived in! The main point really is empowerment. For the child to feel and become capable. To allow the child to live to their full potential. It's not about forcing the child to do things for themselves before they are ready, but preparing the environment for when the child is ready and removing barriers. The aim here isn't just independence but also about beauty, simplicity and order! Dressing, folding and maintaining a wardrobe are also really important life skills

Think child size coat hangers, baskets, low hangers (we love the wardrobe extender) and labels (with pictures for younger children). 

Montessori Wardrobe and Closet Ideas and Inspirations at How we Montessori

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