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New Montessori Finds at Ikea!

New Montessori Finds at Ikea 2017

Even though I am trying to simplify our home environment I still enjoy a visit to Ikea. I love the storage and systems, the organisation. On our last visit I found a few new materials that would work in a Montessori home. Ikea is good for so many reasons, often the materials are well designed and it is affordable and accessible. 

1. SMÅBIT, Children's knife and peeler. "Designed especially for safer and easier use for children, so that the whole family can help out in the kitchen." I have so many good things to say about this children's knife and peeler. The knife is sharp and both have a small and grippy handle perfect for the child's hand. They are recommended for children 8 years+ but they fit Otis' (5 years) hands perfectly. They also feel a little chunky so they are easy for the child to handle. These would be completely suitable for use in a Montessori school environment, they are real and child sized. 

2. TOPPKLOCKA, Children’s apron. A child's apron with velcro closures for the independent child. It is recommended for children 3 years+. 

3. LÅDDAN, 6-piece storage board set. This is the cutest, even in person. You can attach it to the shower screen or tiles at the child's height. They can use it to store their toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush and see themselves in the mirror. Perfect for building independence in the bathroom. Love it. 

4. SLÄKTING, Storage with 5 compartments. Possibly for the child's wardrobe for clothes or shoe storage. 

5. MULA, Building beakers. Good for building, stacking or even for learning colours. 

6. MULA, Shape Sorter. I would have preferred this to be a wooden toy but I still feel there is value in this shape sorting activity. 

7. KLÄTTA, Chalkboard world stickers. Lovely decoration for the wall and easily used or adapted to geography lessons. 

8. MÅLA, Chalks, assorted colours. Ikea is known for having a good supply of paints, paper and markers, we love their paint brushes, but also now stock a cute pack of chalk. For the chalkboard or pavement. 

9. PÅHL, Adjustable child's desk. I love the natural timber of our desks, but this adjustable table desk will grow with the child. 

10. BRANKIS, Natural basket. Ikea a good place to find baskets for storing toys and materials. This one is a little large but good for storing blocks or perhaps a train set. 

11. STORABO, Traffic rug. I know there are a couple of rugs around like this but this one is new at my Ikea store. Fantastic for floor play, especially for children who love to use model people, animals and cars.  

A few other new finds for me? Ikea now stocks a bike, bike trailer, and a nappy bag! These products are all new to my local Ikea however we know stores and countries differ. 

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