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1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 How about some Friday ideas and inspiration for a Montessori wardrobe? I love all of these examples, from the impeccably neat to the slightly messy and lived in! The main point really is empowerment. For the child to feel and become capable. To allow the child to live to their full potential. It's not about forcing the child to do things for themselves before they are ready, but preparing the environment for when the child is ready and removing barriers. The aim here isn't just... Read more →

Do you have a reference library at home? Perhaps a few reference books for the children to use? The new year is a great time to restock, refresh or tidy up the children's books. I believe children still need the skills of research using physical books, using an index and such. While there is a place for internet searches, I don't want my children to run to google every time they have a question. Many reference books are also really beautiful and inspiring just to read, or flip through. I find it hard not to order too many reference books,... Read more →

Even though I am trying to simplify our home environment I still enjoy a visit to Ikea. I love the storage and systems, the organisation. On our last visit I found a few new materials that would work in a Montessori home. Ikea is good for so many reasons, often the materials are well designed and it is affordable and accessible. 1. SMÃ…BIT, Children's knife and peeler. "Designed especially for safer and easier use for children, so that the whole family can help out in the kitchen." I have so many good things to say about this children's knife and... Read more →

The boys' room and the gorgeous afternoon light. We found the cutest Japanese florist in West End who wraps his plants like this. Couldn't resist. Studying the legs of a beetle. Loving this microscope choice, it's super easy to focus and everyone can see the same image. Nature box - so many found treasures. The Ikea Children's Knife. It's small with a grippy handle, designed for the child's hand. It feels a little chunky so it's easy for the child to hold and to control. It is recommended for children 8 years + however I would happily give it to... Read more →