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Some Montessori Spaces You Will Love!

Kuku Mag, Nalii Montessori Room

You can identify Montessori spaces immediately because they are designed for the child first, not for the parent or adult. All of these spaces are heavy with Montessori features, I hope you find some fresh ideas or inspiration! 

Nalii Space - the room in the style of Montessori (above) at Kuku Mag, this site is wonderful with so many really beautiful room tours.

Montessori and Minimalist Design at Kuku Mag

How to keep order in the child's room? at Kuku Mag. I believe Katarzyna at Kuku Mag also does some Montessori consulting and offers an online course (in Polish). The natural timber in these two rooms is wonderful. I also love the floor rug being in front of the shelves in both of these images, it's a good tip. You can also see in both of these spaces, they have been designed with the small work table right next to the shelves, it's not far for the young child to carry their materials. 

Moje Montessori - Montessori spaces

Above is a Montessori work-space at Moje Montessori. This space is completely doable with a few key pieces of furniture. You can see more of the child's space here and their lovely kitchen space here.  

Junemee Shelves

These shelves (above) are not perfect but the reason I have featured them is because the parent took inspiration from her son's primary classroom shelves, the materials are categorized and the shelves are ordered. It is a good example of what you can do in the home environment where space or shelving may be an issue. You can read the full article Montessori Shelves at Junemee. 

Emil und Mathilda - Shared shelving

I also love these shelves which you can also see here for the child at 34 months at Emil and Mathilda. These shelves are perfect for one to one correspondence and are easy for the children to maintain and put away their materials. Also this bookshelf is the best! 

Please feel free to link to your or your favourite Montessori inspired spaces!

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