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Favourite Materials this Week (for 5 Year Old)

This Week's Favourite Materials - Otis Five Years at How we Montessori
Otis (5 yrs) has been unwell and home from school all week. Because he has spent so much time at home I've made note of the materials he has been using. Keep in mind we don't use many of the Montessori school materials at home - because he uses them so much at school. So these are more at home, play, open-ended materials. Here are his favourites from this week!

1. Laminated Butterflies (similar US). These are perfect for under the microscope, on the light table or hanging on the wall! 

2. Transparent Pattern Blocks (similar US). We use these exclusively on the light table and often with the small mirrors. 

3. Magnetic Tiles c/o (similar US). Shown in more detail here

4. Small Mirror (US here). These are small and perfect for teaching symmetry, we most often use them on the light table. 

5. Round Light Table. This light table is bright, really light and currently on sale! Our light table is always used on sick days, weekends and when the weather dictates we spend more time inside, the light is soothing and always brightens up a gloomy day! 

6. Graduated Beakers (similar US). These are perfect for water or sand play. At five years the children are often interested in measurements and this is why I really like this set. These are measured 100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml and 1,000ml.

7. Alphabet Playdough Stamps (similar US). Yes, these have been very well used, as seen here

8. Alphabet Glitter Stickers (similar US). Otis is currently learning his upper case (capital) letters and these stickers are popular at home for writing cards, notes, and decorations.

9. Twistable Crayons (similar US). We have many gorgeous crayons at home and Otis chooses to use these, I think it's the fun twistable feature he loves, they never go blunt.

10. Dot Markers (US here). These were such surprise to me, they are probably his most used art materials over the last couple of years! I would never have picked them out for Otis so I'm glad he chose them from the art store. Not very washable so be careful with little ones. 

Not pictured but also used a lot this week include Otis' Little Bits and woodworking materials (wood pieces, hammer, wood glue, nails, and paint). I hope you are having a good and healthy week! 

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