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Alphabet Mystery Bag

Do you have an Alphabet Puzzle or Moveable Alphabet at home? If so, this is a really fun activity that reinforces knowledge on the shapes and form of letters. I wouldn't do this in a way to teach children their letters or to test them but to reinforce their knowledge. I would include letters they are confident with alongside letters they may be struggling with. This is a simple activity of putting the letters from an Alphabet Puzzle or Moveable Alphabet into a Mystery Bag and allowing the child with their hands and their sense of touch only to identify each letter. 

  • Select the letters from the Alphabet Puzzle (or Moveable Alphabet) and put them in the Mystery Bag without the child seeing. 
  • Invite the child over to sit down at a work mat or table. 
  • Invite the child to place one or both hands inside the bag and one at a time, without peeking, identify which letter they are holding. 

The idea is that through touch the child forms a picture of the letter in their mind. If they can remember the sound of the letter it can help increase their connection between the sound and the shape and form of the letter. As an extension, if you have included vowels and consonants you could also invite the child to make some words with the letters they have identified. 

Otis using the Alphabet Mystery Bag at How we Montessori

Above Otis puts his hand in the Mystery Bag and feels for a letter. 

Otis with the 'w' from the Alphabet Mystery Bag at HWM

 He has identified this as a 'w'. He places the letter on the mat and puts his hand back in for another letter. 

Otis with the 'k' in the Alphabet Mystery Bag at How we Montessori

The Mystery Bag is one of our favourite materials which we have used many times over the years. Otis used his first Mystery Bag as a toddler with a few household items in it. It really heightens their sense of touch. Our Mystery Bag is a simple silk lined, drawstring bag. I usually keep it to around five items in the bag. These posts show some of the ways in which we have used the Mystery Bag (or Mystery Box). 

Early Sensorial - The Mystery Bag (when Otis was around 22 months).

Using the Stereognostic/Mystery Bag (Otis at three years).

Five Minute Montessori - DIY Mystery Box (Otis at four years).  

Otis laying out the letters from the Alphabet Mystery Bag

With all activities at home, I try to keep it engaging and light-hearted. If you give this a go I hope you enjoy! 

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