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Inspiring Children with Real Stories - About Jane Goodall and more...

Me Jane at How we Montessori

I like to share books with my children that are inspiring and are about real people. I love real stories. They are more relatable and hopefully they get the children thinking about what they can do in their lives, about what they would like to achieve. Here are three books that we are currently reading about real people and their inspiring stories. 

Me...Jane (worldwide). While I love this book I really wanted more. It's beautiful and a great introduction to Jane Goodall's work and life as a child. There is very little in the main story about her journey to Africa and her work from there. There is an 'About Jane' and 'A Message from Jane' page in the back of the book. It is a perfect starting point to further discussion on her work.

"Here is the story of a little girl named Jane who dreamed of a life helping animals and grew up to help change the world." - Beautiful!

I would also like to read The Watcher (also about Jane Goodall) and introduce my children to  Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World. Great books about great women. 

Drum Dream Girl at HWM

Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl's Courage Changed Music (worldwide). This story is based on Millo Castro Zaldarriaga in Cuba. This book is so colourful and gorgeous. It is a sweet story about a girl who wants to play the drums. Initially, she isn't allowed as in her community only boys play drums. Her father gives her a chance (and lessons) and she changes perceptions and ends up playing the drums in an all female band. The message is clear "both girls and boys should feel free to dream". This is an empowering story which is also about persistence and hard work. 

Emmanual's Dream at HWM

Emmanuel's Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah (worldwide). Wow! This is a wonderfully inspiring story. I can only say read this one. It is a real story of overcoming adversity, a great story for all children. This is a powerful book about not giving up even in hard times. Emmanuel was born in Ghana with only one strong leg, his mother falls ill and he needs to go to work, but no one will help him. When his mother dies he is determined to honor her by showing the world that "being disabled does not mean being unable". He takes a long distance bike ride around Ghana to spread his message. 

"Here is the inspiring true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, who cycled an incredible four hundred miles across Ghana - with only one strong leg - to spread his powerful message: disability does not mean inability." 

These are lovely books, let me know if you've read them!