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Into the Woods - A Waldorf Inspired Clothing Range

Into the Woods Clothing

A few weeks ago, in preparation for the new school year, I did a little stock take of the boys' clothing. They grow so fast it's hard to keep up. I realised that both boys needed a few new t-shirts. Otis lost some weight (when he was ill) and his usual shorts just won't stay up, I can't tie or button them up any further. So he needed some pants too. I picked up a shirt here and there but Ruth introduced me to a lovely brand Into the Woods. I ordered a couple of items, and when they arrived I went straight to my computer and ordered more. I was so impressed and also a little surprised. Naturally, I really wanted to share this brand with you. Here are a few things I love about Into the Woods clothing. 

  • Mix and match - although Otis often wears all one colour, (I'm all for self-expression) they mix and match really well. 
  • So soft - the clothing is really nice to touch, it's the first thing I noticed.
  • So comfortable - they are roomy, stretchy, the kids can run, lie down, roll, jump, climb, nothing falls down, nothing creeps up, nothing pinches (the pants stay up on Otis perfectly).
  • Earthy colour range - I love the colours, they are colourful but in a natural, earth way. 
  • Organic, natural, breathable fabric - this is everything. 
  • Easy for self-dressing - everything slips on easily, the pants just pull up, there is nothing complicated or fussy.
  • Perfect for layering. 
  • Logo and slogan free. Yes! How hard is it to find (especially for boys) plain tees. 
  • Easy to wash and wear. 
  • Designed by a parent who puts kids first. 
  • Designed for kids in every way! I heard a nice story about Sandi's son designing the Phoenix 'climbing pants' - pants designed by kids - fantastic! 
  • Sized for children 4-12 years. This is so key for me. I can find lots of lovely organic clothing for babies and young kids but not so much for this older group. 
  • My kids choose to wear them! Otis does have choice in his wardrobe but he chooses to wear these, especially the pants which are super comfortable. So comfortable it's also ok if the kids fall asleep in them. 
  • Made in Australia - when clothing is made in Australia I have confidence they are made under good working conditions.

We don't need to subject our children to the uncomfortable fashion choices. Let them be kids, where clothing choices are simple, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. I also ask parents to consider where their clothing comes from, how was it made, this Instagram post broke my heart. 

HWM Into the Woods, Waldorf inspired clothing

Sandi from Into the Woods has given me one Ella Short Tee to giveaway (you get to choose the size and colour subject to availability). To enter please leave a comment below (in the comments section of this blog post) about your favourite feature of the Into the Woods Organic Children's Clothing range. Comments close Sunday 5th February at 8pm AEST. Postage will be to an Australian address only, one entry per family please. 

You can also follow Into the Woods on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you, Sandi for your awesome clothing range!

Comments have now closed. I will be in touch with the winner shortly. Thank you for your entries! 

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