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Looking a little closer - using a Digital Microscope

Butterfly exploration table - How we Montessori

"I can feel it but I can't see it", "I wonder what its eyes look like", "What does it look like in here?", "Why does it feel furry?", "I can't wait to put this under the microscope".

How we Montessori - Seaside exploration table

What I love most about using a digital microscope is that you can set it up on a nature table or exploration area and leave it for the children to use independently. As the image is on the screen it's really easy to show the children and it's easy to point out specific features. I really appreciate that we are able to connect the microscope a computer and see the image on the larger screen. Young children will find it easy to focus as there is no eye piece to look into. When the boys have made a fun discovery we can all look at the microscope at the same time!

It helps children to make their own discoveries and inspires children who want to know more

Otis using a prepared slide, Stem Cross-section at How we Montessori

The microscope shown is the Celestron InfiniView, however, any good quality, digital microscope should have the same features. You can save images onto a memory card or connect the computer and take photographs and print. It can be used cordless (fabulous for taking outside) or connected to the main power. Our first microscope was the DuoScope which you can see Caspar using here. Above Otis is looking at the cross-section of a stem which he has found absolutely fascinating!

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