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How we Montessori - Scavenger Hunt Ideas

My kids love a good scavenger hunt! It can be lots of fun in the backyard or while on a nature walk. Scavenger hunts can help the child to further connect with their surroundings. Here are a few scavenger hunt ideas that I really love! 

1. The Woods: Search and Find Adventures. I love this idea for young children. The cards are laminated and the child can colour in each item as they find it!  

2. Kids nature scavenger hunt game. I really like the simplicity of this card set, it's nice for younger children. For young children, it's also a good idea not to have too many items on the hunt so that it is achievable for them and not overwhelming. 

3. Go Find It. Outdoor nature scavenger hunt game for families. This one is a favourite at our house. The cards have descriptions such as hard, furry, dry, light, red. The child is to find something in nature that matches that description. It really gets the children thinking! 

4. Field Journal: Evergreens. This set is specific for trees but the idea could be adapted for a whole range of nature items. 

5. Insect and Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Combo Pack (Instant Download). I love that they have used photographic images here. This is a similar style (free download) for Pond Life at Natural Beach Living

6. & 7. Scavenger Hunt Cards. I love both of these ideas. The scavenger hunt cards are stuck to an egg carton and a brown paper bag so that the child can collect the small items as they find them! You can find a similar scavenger hunt cards at Tangle Wood Hollow (contact Allyson direct to purchase). 

8. Homemade Scavenger Hunt Cards. This is a version I made by photographing various flowers and plants in our yard and printing them onto card and fixing them onto a ring clip. The child can flip through the cards as they find each item. I really like making the cards personalised as to what items the child is likely to find. On this set I also printed the scientific names for each plant on the card, also serving as language materials. I made another set of interesting cards by taking photographs of the tree bark on one of our nature walks, I printed the images and again used a ring clip, the child could match the photographs of bark to the trees on our nature walk. 

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