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Woodworking Fun, Buildme Wooden Toys + Discount Code

Build Me at How we Montessori

Otis has a wood working box which contains lots of wood off cuts, nails, wood glue and his hammer. He will often make his own creations with a couple of pieces of wood. It is a creative process and he's learning lots of great skills! We were recently introduced to Buildme Wooden Toys and I instantly loved the concept. I knew both my boys would love it too! 

Buildme Wooden Toys are perfect for children who love to build, who love woodwork and love to use a screwdriver and hammer!  In the box you receive all the pieces you need to build your toy! You receive all nails, screws, precut wood pieces and instructions. All you need to provide is the glue, hammer, and screwdriver.

Otis Build Me 1

I absolutely love that there are pre-drilled nail holes. The child can put their nails into the holes and hammer the nails in. It makes it so much easier. Because the child doesn't need to hold the nail there is less risk they will get hurt. 

Otis Build Me 2

Otis' eyes lit up when he received his Buildme truck, he opened it so fast I couldn't even take a picture of the packaging! There a lots of reasons we love this product:

  • The child gains a real insight to how toys are made and designed. We had plenty of 'ah' moments when the child could see the toy coming together. 
  • The child is able to make a real, wooden, high-quality, functioning, robust toy. The child is able to play and enjoy the toys years after they have made it. 
  • The child learns valuable woodworking skills in a really practical, age appropriate and hands-on way. 
  • Building the toy also has so many educational benefits, such as developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, fine motor skills and visual perception. For my boys, there was also a language component as they learnt new words like chassis. 
  • Building the toys can help build confidence and can be really rewarding for the child! The child can see what they are capable of. The child can play with the toy that they made!
  • Building the toy can be a bonding experience for the child and adult. This would be ideal to do with a grandparent or other family members. The aim is that the child and adult build the toys together. Otis (5 yrs) was able to do all the hammering and screwing while I helped with reading and following the instructions. Caspar (9yrs) only needed a little help and supervision. 
  • All toys are designed and made in Melbourne. Buildme Wooden Toys are proudly made in Australia.
  • All wooden components are milled and manufactured from sustainable (PEFC certified) timber. 
  • All toys are well designed and modern. 
  • It is a fantastic gift idea for birthdays, Christmas or anytime! 

Otis Build Me 3

Otis made the Long: Wooden Truck, which he adores. The trailer has space for carrying things and is detachable, so he will fill it with toys, and transport them around. You can also paint the toys but we love the timber look and will be leaving it as is. You know I think these are aesthetically pleasing and would welcome them into our playspace. 

Otis Build Me 4

Caspar made the Tow: Wooden Truck (below right). It has a working winch and again is a fantastic wooden toy! Also available in the range are the Short: Wooden Truck, Fast: Wooden Car and Monster: Wooden Truck. So many great designs. All toys shown in this post are c/o Buildme Wooden Toys. 

Otis with Build Me 5

Buildme Wooden Toys is offering a 20% discount to How we Montessori readers!! Enter 'montessori' in the discount code section at checkout to receive your discount.

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