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Otis' Sixth Birthday Party!

Otis' sixth birthday party at How we Montessori

Otis' birthday party is this weekend. He hasn't had a large birthday party for a couple of years. Otis is beyond excited. We like to keep our parties simple but fun, focusing on what the kids will enjoy the most. Here are a few of our ideas for Otis' wildlife themed party! 

Entertainment: Wildlife Experience. An opportunity to see wildlife up close and find out more about some native animals. We are using Geckoes Wildlife, their presentation lasts for around an hour, the children can touch some of the animals and ask lots of questions. They bring a wide range of animals including a crocodile, snakes, frogs, a possum, owl and a turtle. We also have some Reptile Temporary Tattoos to put on or to give to the children. 

Party bags and favours: Party favours are always a dilemma, we don't want anything wasteful and I love the idea of playdough. We are using small batch and naturally scented playdough by Happy Hands Happy Heart with Crocodile Cookie Cutters. We also have stretchy frogs and small replica reptiles to put in the party bags.

Cake: The above cake image is via Pinterest. Otis' cake will be a surprise (it's in the hands of our cake designer) however, it will have a crocodile theme. 

Gift: Otis has asked for this huge alligator (and a Police costume)!

I will try my best to take a few pictures on the day and let you know how it goes! I'd love to hear your ideas if you have celebrated a birthday recently. One year we had a magician and it was fabulous!

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